Live at the Chateaubriand

The Chateaubriand hotel is an experience you need to live. Throughout the day and your stay, discover all these unique moments. Let time work its charm …



8 a.m : Wake up gently in your room after a beautiful night in an absolute calm.

It’s hard to leave a 100% down duvet and pillows!



9 a.m : For the gentleman, have breakfast in the dedicated lounge or outside on the patio.

Great quality products, fine porcelain from zen atmosphere…

Enjoy these 100% relaxing moments before starting your day.


10.30 a.m : For the lady, room service breakfast.

Perfect intimacy to discover the morning flavors!

Ideal before embarking on a day filled with shopping and visits.



11 a.m: Your appointment is waiting for you in the living room.

An atmosphere both warm and confidential to exchange in peace with your host.

Lounge Area


11.30 a.m : Emails to send, documents to print?

The office space provides you with computer equipment, in all privacy.

Outdoor terrace


1 p.m : A little hungry?

The gourmet snacks of the Chateaubriand are perfect.

A more substantial lunch?

Ask our team for advice. For you, a large choice of restaurants around.


5 p.m: French-style tea time in the hotel's patio or by the fireplace.

 And if you still have some work to do, sit in the living room. Quiet environment.



6 p.m: Back from a shopping trip, a professional meeting, enjoy our massage room, equipped with a water bed.

Lie down, choose your program and close your eyes…

A relaxing break to regain energy and well-being. 


7 p.m: The evening starts.

The bar is the ideal place to meet up and discover Romain Rio’s house selection: vintage champagnes, grands Crus or small "coups de coeur" productions.

During winter, it feels good to relax in the sofas by the fireplace.

On sunny days, enjoy the mellowness of the patio, under the masterful chandelier whose lights are reflected endlessly in the imposing mirror. Magic !

Lounge Area
Festive meal


9 p.m: For you, a large selection of Parisian restaurants.

Gourmet restaurant, bistro, brasserie, theme restaurant ... we are at your disposal to advise you.


11 p.m: Did you dine at Taillevent, Pierre Gagnaire or the Fouquet's?

Are you walking out of a show at the Champs Elysées theater?

Extend your Parisian night with an infusion in the lounge areas or in your room in front of a free VOD movie.



Midnight: Good night, under the duvet, in the quietness of your room to get ready for tomorrow or in one of the night clubs located 300 meters from the hotel.

Paris must be lived at each moment.